Contest Launched To Serve Beers In Jamaican Paradise For A Great Cause (VIDEO)

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Floyd has been brewing beers and making cocktails since 2001 on his own overwater bar in Jamaica, he now needs a vacation!

And to offer a little respite to this Jamaican bartender and serve beers in paradise, a contest has been launched.

“Say hello to Floyd. He’s been drinking beer at Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica since it opened in 2001. And we think he needs a break, “reads Virgin Holidays, which is responsible for the competition to find replacing the bartender.

“We are looking for a bartender who will go to Jamaica to take Floyd’s place for a while,” they say.

The job includes serving beer “in one of the most” beautiful “places in the world.” Floyd’s Pelican Bar, located one mile from Jamaican shores, is only accessible by boat and is a delight for tourists.

Floyd’s replacement will have their flights and accommodation paid for 7 days, in addition to receiving a tidy sum of pocket money.

Who is feeling lucky? Unfortunately, this contest is open only to UK residents


Source: TVAnouvelles