Commotion by Polar Bear Trying to ‘Revive’ a Bird That Had Received As Food

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Visitors to the Munich Zoo in Germany were surprised to see the unusual reaction of the animal after receiving its food. 

The unusual reaction of a polar bear after receiving a small bird as food. And is that far from eating it, the large animal chose to do something that generated all kinds of comments among the witnesses of the event. What happened?

According to the Daily Mail account, the scene, captured in the habitat of the Munich zoo plant in Germany, lets us see that the polar bear begin to throw into the air and play with its food as if it believed that it is still alive.

What happened surprised the visitors, who came to believe that the animal may have been trying to ‘revive’ the bird.

“I saw the bear try to save the bird and it was really unexpected when I captured the video,” said one eyewitness to the incident.

There were those who pointed out that the aforementioned argument is meaningless because the only thing the bear did was to doubt whether to eat or play with the bird.


Source: El Comercio