Cocaine Disguised With Cocoa Hulls Headed For Spain Has Been Seized


Not the first time. On April 20, a fishing vessel was stopped with 680 kilos of cocaine. They seize 32 kilos of cocaine that were going to be sent to Spain.

The Attorney General said Wednesday May 15, which seized 32 kilos of cocaine, which were hidden in containers of export with cocoa hulls in the port city of Guayaquil and was bound for Spain.

This was stated by the Public Ministry in its Twitter portal, when it was clarified that the cache was found in the seaport of Guayaquil (southwest) and that a person was detained in this case.

The operation was carried out with the support of the Police and the Ports and Airports Information Unit (UIPA).

Earlier, the prosecution had reported the order of prison preventive 23 people who were arrested last April for transporting drugs on a boat fishing sailing in international waters.

On April 20 the Ecuadorian flag fishing vessel called “Erika Fernanda” was intercepted by the US Navy in international waters 755 miles from the Galapagos Islands, located about a thousand kilometers from the Ecuadorian continental coasts.

680 kilos of cocaine were found aboard the ship, as well as high-caliber weapons, engines for water propulsion and communication devices, according to a report from the Prosecutor’s Office .

According to the investigations, that drug seized was destined to North and Central America.

Among the evidence against this alleged gang , the Prosecutor’s Office presented the verification, weight and preliminary field tests and identification of the seized drugs, in addition to two AK-47 rifles, outboard motors and communication equipment, among other objects .

The judge in the case, Christian Villarreal, issued prison preventive against 23 people involved to be prosecuted for the alleged offense of organized crime.

The detainees and the evidence were handed over to the judicial and police authorities in the port city of Manta (west) on Monday, May 13, the entity said.

Cocaine Disguised With Cocoa Hulls Headed For Spain Has Been Seized

That same day, the Office of the Prosecutor executed nine raids in the cities of Manta and Jaramijó, in the coastal province of Manabí, and in the Ecuadorian capital, Quito, to locate other members of this alleged criminal organization.


Source: Expreso