Cobra Attacks Komodo Dragon to Devour it and the Most Unusual Situations Happens [VIDEO]

YouTube shared the fierce confrontation between a lethal cobra and a komodo dragon. The poisonous creature attacked its rival by the neck, to devour it completely, and the most incredible thing happened.

Unexpected end left thousands of users speechless. A terrifying YouTube video revealed the raw battle that a huge cobra waged with a komodo dragon which it attacked ferociously in the neck, to devour it with a single bite. The video that recorded that brutal moment became viral in countries like Mexico, Spain and Colombia.

The YouTube viral recording showed the terrifying moment when the giant snake left its hiding place to hunt a distracted komodo dragon that was walking along the highway of the immense national park. The video became a trend, especially in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

Fight to the Death
With cunning and a lot of secrecy at the time of stalking its prey, the cobra crawled towards the komodo dragon and grabbed it by the neck causing a severe wound; in addition to implanting its lethal poison that the minutes later would leave him without strength to flee and save his life.

However, the viral YouTube video showed the terrifying moment in which the ferocious komodo dragon used his strength to escape from the sharp teeth that impregnated the poisonous cobra in his neck and escaped from the place, but unfortunately for the lizard, the snake caught him again and this time, he bit his face.

After several minutes, the fierce komodo dragon stopped moving beside its voracious predator that carefully watched his death. “I waited for what was happening, finally a car drove past the highway and frightened the snake. The lizard remained motionless, except for a couple of movements of its tongue, suspected that it became the prey of the hungry snake,” the tourist wrote on YouTube.

The viral video was shared on YouTube by the “Kruger Sighting” page, which accumulated more than 6,000 views, 3,000 shared and 560 comments. “The poison of the cobra was its end for the ditraído dragon of komodo that could do nothing to save itself of its imminent death”, “the nature is impressive”, can be read in the networks