Coast Guard Seizes Cocaine on a Sports Fishing Boat in Florida

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On Tuesday, the United States Coast Guard seized an illegal shipment of seven kilograms of cocaine that was transported aboard a sports fishing boat. The interception took place approximately eight miles east of the beach of Dania Beach.

At about 5:25 am, Coast Guard Sector guards received a report indicating that they had seen a 46-foot unlit sports boat.

They proceeded to intercept the ship and arrested all its occupants. The vessel was carrying an alleged Bahamian trafficker, two migrants and a fourth person, with dual citizenship from the United States and the Bahamas.

Sources of the Coast Guard indicate that the success of the operation was due to the active cooperation of the Customs and Border Protection and National Security.

Federal prosecution of detainees has been accepted in the Southern District of Florida.


Source: CiberCuba