Coast Guard Seizes About $39 Million In Cocaine

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The Coast Guard was seized in several operations in the Pacific Ocean 2,800 pounds of cocaine, with an approximate value of 39 million dollars in the international market, as reported Thursday.

During a presentation of the seizures made today at the Port of San Pedro, in Los Angeles, southern California, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Kroll said that many of the drugs had been found blooming at sea by the ship Robert Ward, recently commissioned to reinforce the fight against drug trafficking.

Kroll said the Coast Guard had also managed to stop a boat carrying drugs and two people of Hispanic origin were arrested.

Several of the cocaine packages shown to the media brought the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

For his part, Lieutenant Benjamin Davne, commander of the ship Robert Ward, said in a statement that “helping to stop the flow of illegal drugs saves lives, keeping these drugs out of the streets.”

Dayne noted that despite being the first patrol operation of this vessel, the second largest seizure of cocaine made by a Coast Guard control ship was achieved.

Last July, the US Cutter Robert Ward participated in the seizure of 26,000 pounds of cocaine, worth 350 million dollars, while patrolling the international waters of the coasts of Mexico, Central and South America, between the end of June and mid July.

The drug that was unloaded today in the port of San Pedro, will be mostly eliminated, a minimum part will be part of the evidence of the respective cases against drug gangs, said the spokesman.

As these cartels become more advanced in their methods, the coast guard capitalizes the fleet with modern assets equipped to detect, intercept and interrupt the growing flow of illegal drugs, weapons and people in the area, according to the Coast Guard.

The Robert Ward ship is one of the four ships recently assigned to reinforce the Coast Guard’s security operations in the Southwest Pacific region.

Coast Guard Seizes About $39 Million In Cocaine


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