Coast Guard Finds Almost 130 Kilos Of Cocaine Floating In Florida Keys

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The US Coast Guard He discovered floating on the shores of the Florida Keys six bales of cocaine valued at about 3.8 million dollars and that totaled a total of 284 pounds (almost 130 kilos) in weight, spokesmen of the federal agency said Tuesday.

Bales were discovered by coastguards floating in the Atlantic between Saturday and Monday, spokesman Brandon Murray said as local media FL Keys News picks up.

According to the institution, about 10 miles east of Islamorada were found a bundle on Saturday and two others on Sunday, while on Monday the remaining three were discovered about 15 miles east of Marathon, in the center of the Florida Keys .

According to Murray, some of the bundles were first seen by the crew of private boats, who alerted the coast guard.

The Coast Guard has increased the presence of the United States and its allies in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Basin, known areas of drug transit in Central and South America, as part of its strategy in the Western Hemisphere to fight against drug trafficking

Last week he announced the seizure of more than 11,000 kilos of cocaine, equivalent to 350 million dollars in the street, during a 56-day patrol mission in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

The Oregon-based Steadfast crew intercepted five contraband ships, including three canoes, a fishing vessel and a sailboat, and recovered bales that had been thrown into the sea.

Coast Guard Finds Almost 130 Kilos Of Cocaine Floating In Florida Keys

Coast Guard finds almost 130 kilos of cocaine floating in Florida Keys


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