Coast Guard Finds 3.8 Million Dollars Of Cocaine Floating In The Sea

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More than 100 kilos of cocaine was collected in a total of 6 wads of drugs.

The United States Coast Guard has found 6 packages of cocaine floating in the waters of the Atlantic between last Saturday, August 3 and this Monday, 5, which are valued at a total of 3 million 800 thousand dollars.

The coasts of the Florida Keys were the place where these six packages were found that in total weighed 284 pounds (130 kilos); This was reported by Coast Guard spokesman Brandon Murray in statements to local media.

One of the 6 packages was sighted 10 miles east of Islamorada on Saturday, two others were captured on Sunday, and the remaining three were discovered last Monday in the center of the Florida Keys, about 15 miles east of Marathon .

The drug collection operation that was carried out recently began after the crew of some private boats alerted the coastguards to the irregular presence of these drug bundles.

Although the capture of these packages is a very important fact and represents a step forward in the fulfillment of the work of the Coast Guard; The truth is that this was a small operation compared to the seizure of more than 11 thousand kilos of cocaine that were collected last week.

This large amount of drugs was intercepted during a 56-day patrol mission in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, and it was found in five contraband boats (three canoes, a fishing boat and a sailboat).

The crew members of the Steadfast ship were in charge of this successful mission.

Coast Guard Finds 3.8 Million Dollars Of Cocaine Floating In The Sea


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