Clueless Lion Crosses River Infested With Crocodiles And Is Brutally Bitten By Fierce Predator [VIDEO]

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The YouTube viral video recorded the precise moment in which a lion fell into the ‘trap’ of a herd of hungry crocodiles that went out of their way to devour the feline.

You will not be able to believe what happened. YouTube witnessed the wild attack suffered by a clueless lion , after seeing a hungry crocodile that rammed him at the tip of bites. Tourists saw how the reptile took advantage of the cat crossing the river without his pack to try to devour it in a matter of seconds.

What happened? A huge lion never imagined that his audacity to cross a dangerous river infested with hungry crocodiles would cost him dearly, since he was stalked by a reptile who took the opportunity to sneak up and turn him into his prey. The YouTube video went viral in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

The viral recording of YouTube recorded the tense moment that a young lion lived when deciding to cross an immense river infested with wild creatures; However, after diving into the water, the cat did not realize that a hungry crocodile emerged from the depths and went straight to him to devour him in several pieces.

Unexpected outcome

With great care and without making noise, the giant crocodile approached the lion , opened its blunt jaw and attacked it from behind; however, the fierce attack was tainted by the abrupt reaction of the feline, who plunged into the deep river to part with his predator and emerge victorious.

In the YouTube viral video the dramatic scene was appreciated in which the frightened lion floated up, swam with all his might and hurried out of the dangerous river to avoid further attacks by other crocodiles , since he found himself in alien territory and especially hostile .

The viral video was shared on YouTube by the “Kruger Sightings” page, which accumulated more than 16 thousand views, 15 thousand shares and 2 thousand comments. “You may be ‘King of the jungle’, but right now you are in my house”, “even the king of the jungle has to take care of his back, while swimming”, “the crocodile let the lion out of respect”, wrote users on social networks.

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Source: La Republica