Thawing Due To Climate Change Disperses A Deadly Virus In The Atlantic And Pacific Waters

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The dangerous pathogen was first identified in 1988 and is expanding as a result of the glacial melt caused by climate change, causing the loss of important species.

The climate change is causing snow melt in certain areas such as the Arctic, as well as generated habitat loss affecting mainly the native fauna.

However, there is an invisible secondary consequence of the increase in the Earth’s temperature and the rise in the level of the tides that is annihilating marine species.

Likewise, the Arctic thaw generated new ways for subarctic and Arctic animals to interact, precisely that relationship has triggered a life-threatening virus for mammals in the North Pacific Ocean, according to a report recently published in the journal Scientific Reports.

The deadly pathogen Phocine is also known as PDV, and was first identified in the seals that lived near the ports of Europe , in 1988 the virus killed thousands of these animals and in 2002. Then it reappeared in 2004, this time attacking Alaskan sea ​​otters .

It was surprising to the scientific community that the disease was spread from a different species and in a distant ocean, according to the author of the published study, Tracey Goldstein, associate director of the One Health Institute of the College of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis, California, United States.

Precisely that detail led to believe that melting is the culprit of the spread of the pathogen . “Animal health, human health and environmental health are closely linked. If one deteriorates, the rest do too, ”said Tracey Goldstein.

The 20- minute portal indicates that the thaw is linked to an increase in Phocine in the area’s mammals. In addition, Tracey Goldstein emphasized during an interview with National Geographic that the stress generated by the need to seek food further can weaken the immune system of wildlife in the Arctic, making them potential victims for the disease.

Thawing Due To Climate Change Disperses A Deadly Virus In The Atlantic And Pacific Waters




Source: La Republica