China Plans To Build Maritime Platform For Space Rocket Launch

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China will build a maritime platform for launching space rockets in the city of Yantai, east China’s Shandong province, according to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

The project aims to turn rocket launching from the sea into a frequent event, according to the corporation.

Taking into account the location and favorable geographical conditions of Yantai, the project will include the construction of research and development centers for the manufacture of rockets, satellite payloads and maritime launching platforms, as well as an application and data development center Satellite

The initiative will also boost the development of intelligent manufacturing, logistics, new aerospace materials and tourism with this theme, according to the corporation.

China successfully launched on June 5 a Great March-11 rocket from a mobile launch pad in the Yellow Sea, near Shandong Province.

The event marked the first time that China made a space launch from the sea. The rocket arrived at the takeoff site from the Haiyang port in Yantai.

Launching a carrier rocket from sea platforms has many advantages compared to doing it from land. For example, the place of takeoff is flexible and rocket accidents pose a lower risk.

In addition, the use of civilian vessels to launch rockets at sea will reduce costs and allow a commercial advantage, experts say.

Wu Yansheng, executive president of the corporation, recently held a conversation with Ling Wen, deputy governor of Shandong Province, in which he expressed his desire that both parties deepen cooperation to simplify maritime launch procedures, reduce costs and promote the development of the aerospace industry.

China Plans To Build Maritime Platform For Space Rocket Launch


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