China Denies Visit Of Two US Warships To Hong Kong

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China denied the request of two US Navy ships to visit Hong Kong, the Pacific Fleet reported on Tuesday, after both countries launched a verbal war over pro-democratic protests. unleashed in that semi-autonomous region controlled by Beijing.

“The Chinese government denied requests to visit the port of Hong Kong” of the two ships, said Commander Nate Christensen, deputy spokesman for the U.S. Pacific Fleet in a note.

Prodemocratic protests in the former British colony intensified in recent weeks and protesters blocked and paralyzed the Hong Kong airport for the second day on Tuesday.

Beijing denounces that protests against the government are financed by the West, although it has provided little evidence.

At the beginning of the month, Beijing called on Hong Kong-based US diplomats to “stop interfering” with city affairs, following reports that they held meetings with pro-democracy activists.

Another element that does not contribute to the good climate in bilateral relations is the commercial war between the two powers, which has taxed the respective export products, although US President Donald Trump announced Tuesday the postponement of tariffs on Chinese electronic products.

China Denies Visit Of Two US Warships To Hong Kong


Source: Noticias24