China Celebrates The 70th Anniversary Of It’s Navy With A Parade Of Ships And Planes (Photos and Video)

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Xi Jinping presided over this event and greeted the ships of the countries invited to this commemoration.

The port of Qingdao has hosted on Tuesday a large naval parade as part of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Chinese Navy.

During that event, 32 vessels and 39 aircraft of the Asian giant’s Navy intervened before the President of China, Xi Jinping , who was aboard the destroyer Xining .

After inspecting the forces of his country, the president greeted each of the 18 military ships belonging to the 13 countries invited to participate, from Russia to Australia, India, Japan or Vietnam.

A total of 61 countries sent delegations to this commemoration, which will be followed by a naval symposium on the 24th and 25th of April. The United States only sent a low level delegation led by a naval attaché from its Embassy in Beijing and did not send any ships.

During this day, Beijing has shown the first ship of a new generation of missile destroyers , the Nanchang, and has had the participation of the aircraft carrier Liaoning , a Soviet production vessel that  bought  from Ukraine and had to modernize.

Some missed the  first Chinese-made aircraft carrier , which is still undergoing testing and still has no official name, although it is known as Type 001A.

For its part, an expert  quoted  by Reuters identified a modified version of  Jin-class nuclear-powered submarines, which carry ballistic missiles and are key to   China’s deterrent capabilities .

China Celebrates The 70th Anniversary Of It's Navy With A Parade Of Ships And Planes

China has fourth class submarines on the southern island of Hainan, but the US Department of Defense estimates that Beijing will begin the construction of a new generation of submarines carrying ballistic missiles during the next decade.

China Celebrates The 70th Anniversary Of It's Navy With A Parade Of Ships And Planes

The Chinese Navy forms an important part of the modernization plan of the Armed Forces that Beijing develops to project its force far from its coasts, as well as to protect its commercial navigation routes and its presence in  disputed areas .


Source: Actualidad RT