Chilling In The Ocean They Had No Idea This Was Swimming Around Them (VIDEO As Seen From Above)


The appearance of this sea creature gave great shock to the viewers of the video. An afternoon of fun for a group of beachgoers on a beach in the United States became a crazy experience to realize that a giant creature swam inches from them with his enormous appearance, but incredibly, they did not realize then anything was near them. 

The shared recording on YouTube showed the precise moment when a group of bathers did not realize that a huge marine animal passed by, while enjoying the hot summer.

Under the not sun, two couples and a couple of friends were cooling off in the crystal clear waters of the vast sea, without imagining that minutes later they would would be anywhere near creatures of the sea. With the help of a drone, a man caught the precise moment when a large creature crept up between the ‘distracted’ bathers.

According to the description of the viral video shared on YouTube, the huge animal captured off the beach in Florida would be a manatee or marine cow. According to a wildlife expert, these animals are gentle mostly herbivorous that spend most of their time searching and ingesting riparian plants from the shallow waterbeds.

The most unusual thing that could be captured from the video was the distraction that starred a group of bathers to be near the giant sea creature and not interact with it, since they have the characteristics of maintaining a good friendship with humans.

“They are beautiful and gentle creatures. I have swum among them, “harmless sea cows,”  harmless beauties, I swam with them in the Florida sea, ” were some of the comments made on social networks.


Source: La Republica