Children Play In Front Of Huge Bear, Without Imagining That Predator Would Do The Unthinkable [Facebook Viral VIDEO]

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A viral Facebook video showed the unforgettable experience that a group of children had when they came across a huge bear during a walk in a zoo.

It will steal your heart. A man recorded in a viral Facebook video the magical scene that a group of children experienced when interacting with a majestic bear in captivity, while walking through a zoo in Tennessee, United States. The images went around the world and took the sighs of thousands of users in Mexico, Spain and Argentina.

As if he were one more child, the curious bear approached the mischievous infants and looked at them carefully to study their behaviour. The viral video shared on Facebook showed the moment when the predator interacted with the little ones and seemed to have fun with the imitation of the curious jumps made by his ‘little friends’.

After seeing the children having fun with a series of jumps, the gigantic bear that was separated by a thick sheet of glass, began to imitate them with a joy never seen before. However, this scene captured on a viral video of Facebook is not impossible, since a group of researchers discovered incredible detail.

Experts from the University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom, have published a study in the journal Scientific Reports, which shows that Malaysian bears (Helarctos malayanus) – who live in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia – can mimic the facial expressions of other bears, known as facial mimicry, a faculty so far documented only in humans and gorillas .

The viral video was shared on Facebook by the “ViralHog” page, which accumulated more than a thousand views, 372 shares and 250 comments. “Awesome!”, “It’s the heaviest joke in the world,” “Funny,” users wrote on social media.


Watch the viral video of Facebook:

Source: La Republica