Child Makes His Family Laugh After Performing a Great ‘Dive’ in a Pool [VIDEO]

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The swimming techniques of a child has generated thousands of laughs. The little one was recorded while doing a curious ‘ nailing ‘ in his pool in front of his family, but he never imagined that he would go viral because of it. The video of the tender moment is captivating and taking more than a laugh on the Internet.

As seen in the video the family of small child had visited the home of a relative who had pool, the lady took the opportunity to teach her children about swimming techniques.

The mother stands at the edge of the pool with her two young children, who have floats on their arms. First, the woman explains the method they must apply before entering the water.

After a few minutes, the mother enters the pool, with the purpose that her children imitate her. This fact scared the child who seemed to want to cry; however, his older brother dared to perform the ‘dive’ .

But what caught the attention of everyone was the curious way that the small star of the video runs the ‘nailed’ , since he did not follow the advice of his mother and did it his way. This act made his family laugh who was around the pool.

At the end of the video; the relatives of the child decided to applaud and launch encouragement phrases for his risky ‘nailing’ , this caused the child to take it joyfully.  

Source: La Republica