Chef David Muñoz Denounces The Pollution Of Our Oceans With A Video


The renowned chef denounces the harmfulness of plastic for the environment. In the video, shared by another Twitter user, you can see how the fish has all kinds of plastics inside it like caps or bottle pieces.

The impressive images were uploaded by user Ricardo Muñoz Zurita and renowned chef Dabiz Muñoz shared them with a message in which he stressed: “This is very strong, very terrible, very scary …”

Humans are becoming aware that investing plastics in the sea is a risk to the environment due to the difficulty that the material has to degrade.

Videos how they try to show how harmful it is to the planet because if the waste is dumped into the sea, the fish ingest it. This is another example to raise awareness among the population that we have to change our habits and take care of the planet.


Source: Antena3

  1. That is grotesque but eating fish, or the remains of any other animals, is downright ghoulish. It’s also cruel. All of the nutrients we need in order to thrive can be obtained more healthfully, humanely, and environmentally responsibly from plant sources.

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