Cheeky Puppy Gets Angry At The Ocean After It Destroyed His Fun Day At The Beach

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The water was coming closer and closer to his play area and he was getting very frustrated about the water that could touch him and ruin all his hard work.

This little Golden Retriever named Angus was enjoying his day on the beach, so proud with his little hole that took a lot of time to dig. The tide kept rolling in, teasing the cute little fluff ball, sometimes more, sometime less.

When suddenly the force of nature destroyed his so-called “sand castle”. The unsuspecting puppy had made a hole in the sand to submerge his face into, but the water came along and destroyed everything.

He was confused and upset that now his days work was filled with water and he could no longer relax and enjoy his day at the beach.

The little pup immediately began to bark and jump around, wanting an explanation of the rude behaviour of the ocean.


Source: Los40