Cheating Swimmer Uses An Unusual Strategy To Beat His Rival During A Competition (VIDEO)


A video has gone viral, because it shows how a cheating athlete performs an unusual trick to beat his rival in a swimming competition. Thousands of viewers who have seen the popular clip on social networks, have had all kinds of reactions and comments about the funny scene.

In just 39 seconds, you can see how two athletes measure their talent in the water in an unofficial swim competition . In the first moments both are prepared in their respective places to take a great leap into the pool where they will race.

After entering the water, both begin to swim quickly trying to overcome their opponent, however one of them, apparently much more experienced, takes the lead taking advantage of the other swimmer. It is at that moment the young man, noting that he is far behind, decides to use an unusual strategy to ensure victory.

The athlete who is losing, decides to get out of the water quickly and cheat to put himself in front of the other competitor, because he realizes that he will not reach it in the water. After leaving the pool, he runs until he is next to him and launches again into the water to finish the race. The unusual trick soon went viral on Facebook.

After returning to the water, the cheating swimmer manages to reach the finish line first and take the victory without his rival realizing that he has been the victim of a vile strategy. Thousands of people who have managed to see this viral on Facebook , have reacted with all kinds of comments and reactions.

Some just managed to laugh at the curious scene, while others were outraged, since they consider that it is not fair what the swimmer did because he was losing.

Source: La Republica