Cape Verde: Over 2,000 Kilos of Cocaine Seized and 5 Brazilians

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In Cape Verde, the judiciary police seized a boat with two tons of cocaine. On board were five Brazilian fishermen, all detained in the act. The operation set up by the Judicial Police took place last night on the high seas, but the counting of cargo on board ended at dawn in Porto da Praia.

The Cape Verdean Judiciary Police announced Sunday the seizure of 2,256, 27 kilograms of cocaine found aboard a vessel as well as the arrest of 5 Brazilian citizens allegedly involved in the crime.

A statement from the PJ states that “following the operation were detained 5 citizens, all of Brazilian nationality, who will be present, in legal time, to the competent judicial authorities, for the validation of arrests and enforcement of enforcement measures.”

According to the scientific police, the operation was carried out by the Central Section on Narcotic Drugs (SCITE), in the framework of combating transnational drug trafficking by sea, in conjunction with the Coast Guard.

In addition, the PJ had the cooperation of the Federal Police of Brazil, and in the search, unloading, transportation, packaging and storage of the seized product, it had the support of the Cape Verdean National Police.

The operation took place on the high seas and was developed in the exchange of operational information with a Lisbon-based body in the area.

From Cape Verde, our correspondent, Odair Santos. 

Cape Verde: Over 2,000 Kilos of Cocaine Seized and 5 Brazilians


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