Canadian Goose Annihilates A Seabird Who Never Even Seen It Coming (VIDEO may be Offensive)

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A Mother will do incredible things to protect her young, and this proved to be true when another bird tried to kill their young.

The impressive reaction that a goose had when a hungry gull was attacking one of its helpless chicks in a lake became viral.

Mothers can be the most tender animals on the planet, their effort and sacrifice so that their offspring are safe is worthy of applause, however, their actions can exceed their limits to even kill, for their defenseless babies.

A mother goose who swam along with her young peacefully in a lake in Alabama, was surprised by a hungry seagull. The intrepid bird descended from the sky to attack the helpless young, however, never expected the immediate reaction of their mother.

The goose flew to where the white gull was and chased after it in revenge for trying to attack its chicks. The goose did not let it escape and tries to sink it in the lake, however, it escapes, but not for long, since in a second attempt, it catches it and returns to sink it with its body, while it gives several pecks .

A tourist, Myles Andrews captures the moment of the brutal battle, where finally, the Goose charges its revenge and kills the seagull. At the end of the viral video is the hungry dead bird on the lake.


Source: La Republica