Bullying on Board Should be Avoided with National Laws According to Chilean Authorities

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The amendments to the regulation code 4.3 of the Maritime Labor Convention 2006 (MLC) entitled “Protection of health and safety and accident prevention” obliges governments to cover issues of harassment and bullying with laws and regulations for the administration of safety and health occupational on board ships that carry their flag.

The same text presents a guide that includes examples of how to recognize cases and act to avoid them.

The risk management firm GARD said in an article published by the website Mundo Marítimo that the amendment seeks to serve as a reference when establishing internal policies in companies to identify situations of harassment and how to proceed, including cyberbullying. .

“In the work environment it is essential to prevent offensive or harmful behavior among colleagues, but even more at sea. Maritime workers face situations that differentiate them from other professions, such as long days of work, demanding physical labor, potentially dangerous tasks and high levels of fatigue and stress; besides being described as a solitary way of life “, describes the article.

Despite the importance of coexistence in the sea, there is little statistical information about harassment and bullying in this area. In 2010, a survey was carried out by Nautilus International , and it was found that 79% of the respondents admitted having suffered situations of harassment in the workplace, and less than half felt that there were adequate conditions to report it.