Bride Spends the Embarrassment of Her Life While Posing With Her Fiancé on a Jet Ski [VIDEO]

You won’t stop laughing. On Facebook, a video was shared that shows the hilarious moment that a bride lived while she was taking a photo session with her boyfriend at sea.

A girl shared in Facebook the embarrassing moment that happened while they were taking a photo session with her partner. The girlfriend who was on a jet ski, could not stay in place and suffered a terrible ‘fail’, which became viral in the countries of Mexico, the United States and Spain.

The beaches of Cancun in Mexico are a paradisaical place to have a great time and get married. This is used by many photographers to take snapshots of couples who want to have a great memory of the place.

A young bride, who visited the city, shared on Facebook the embarrassing moment when she was having a photo session with her fiancé, a few days before getting married.

The girl, excited by the sea session on a jet ski, never imagined suffering a terrible ‘fail’ and that the images of the moment would become viral on social networks.

As can be seen in the Facebook viral video, the woman loses her balance and falls spectacularly into the water, after one of the photo assistants moved the bike to get a better shot.

The hilarious video became a trend on Facebook amusing thousands of users, who laughed at what happened to the young bride.