Brazilians Were Imprisoned In Cape Verde For A Year And A Half For Drug Trafficking

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The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) has filed a complaint against drug traffickers on the sailboat commanded by Bahians Rodrigo Dantas and Daniel Dantas, as well as the gaucho Daniel Guerra.

According to the agency, under the leadership of George Edward Saul, British Robert James Delbos and Matthew Stephen Bolton were responsible for transporting more than one tonne of cocaine (1,157,496 kg) hidden in the hull of the vessel where the Brazilians were.

The sailboat sailed from Salvador in August 2017, bound for Europe, and was seized in the African archipelago of Cape Verde. The Brazilians, initially sentenced to 10 years in prison, were held for a year and a half in prison, only to be released in February of this year. They gave an account of life in prison.

According to the MPF complaint, the sailboat Rich Harvest made the journey from Cape Verde to Natal-RN in March 2016. In June of the same year, he travelled to Bahia, where he remained until April 2017. What attracted attention is that, during this period, the boat, which was in poor condition, underwent a renovation in the approximate amount of R $482 thousand, a figure considered very high.

In addition, airfares and crew expenses on Brazilian soil were paid during all this time, which raised suspicions of the MPF, which concluded that the purpose of the reform was the packaging of a large quantity of drugs for international travel.

Also according to the document, the British group acted with a clear division of tasks. Bolton, who was commander of the vessel, was responsible for communicating to the Federal Revenue Secretariat the entry of the sailboat into Brazil and then into Salvador. In addition, he also signed contracts to park the sailboat in a marina and to carry out the renovation.

Delbos has already executed and oversaw the reforms. According to a MPF witness, the Briton “was responsible for negotiating issues relating to the vessel in technical terms.” This was confirmed by the defendant himself, who admitted that he was hired by Saul, owner of the sailboat, to oversee the repairs. signed the contract for the renewal of the rental of the sailing boat with the marina.

Saul, according to the complaint, followed the whole reform and was probably the one who planted the drug on the sailboat, when he was in EspĂ­rito Santo, before leaving the country. Leader of the group, he hired crew and was responsible for the boat.

Brazilians Were Imprisoned In Cape Verde For A Year And A Half For Drug Trafficking

Pre-trial detention

The MPF requested the preventive detention of the three foreigners in December last year. Delbos had already been located in August last year and was extradited to Salvador , where he is being held. Currently, Saul is on the run, while Bolton, the MPF, awaits receipt of information on qualification and address, which should be given by Interpol in Bahia.

The legal process is under way in Cape Verde and has not yet been analyzed by MPF.


Source: Correio 24Horas