Brave Man Risks Life to Make Heroic Rescue in Dangerous River

Footage shows a brave Pakistani man who is seen crossing a very fast flowing river to save a stranded dog. The dog is seen stuck on a rock in the middle of the river. The brave man crosses over to the rock while trying to stay stable and not get swept away by the strong current.

After taking his time to get to the rock, he finally makes it up to meet with the dog. The people on the bank of the river throw a rope across so that the man can tie it around the dog. He succeeds in putting the makeshift harness around the dog and his friends on the bank proceed to pull the dog across the river to safety.

The courageous man proceeds to make his way back across the river slowly but surely. This clip shows the true love and kindness that animals and humans share in this world. We can clearly see that the man risks his safety and well-being to cross the river and save the innocent dog. A strong representation of heroic humanity.

Source: Liveleak