Brave Man and his Pet Rescue Two Dogs Trapped in Frozen Lake [VIDEO]

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Many were amazed with the courageous action of a man and his pet, who rescued two dogs trapped in a frozen lake.

A man and his dog bravely risked their lives to save dogs trapped in an icey lake, located in the State of New York, United States . What happened? how did the dogs get to that place?

It all started with a simple walk that had  Timofey Yuriev, his wife Melissa Kho and their pet Kira. The three of them were walking through a beautiful place in New York when they saw two dogs trying to cross a frozen lake.

Seeing that both dogs were not going to be able to pass the pond of water, Yuriev took off his pole and got into the water with his dog. Meanwhile, his wife Melissa picked up her cell phone and began recording the courageous action.

“I was watching them and I realized that the rescuers would arrive maybe in 10 or 15 minutes. Dogs can have hypothermia, “Yuriev told a local news station.

In the video you can see how the man is breaking the ice to get to each of the dogs and help them. The dogs do not seem to be afraid of the man and his pet. Upon reaching the first, Yuriev grabs him by the strap, while Kia helps  him by pushing him.

“Because of my past, I used to live in Siberia, my grandfather, a hunter, taught me to resist the cold,” Yuriev told NBC .

The man again enters the lake and does the same to rescue the second dog, meanwhile the courageous little dog, continues with his action pushing the second animal. Apparently, both dogs escaped from their houses near the lake and got into the water to cross to the other side.

Onlookers were moved by the wonderful work that the man did with his dog. “I love this little dog that stayed close to the man all the time,” said one person who was impressed with Kia’s work.


Source: La Republica