Boy Was Going to Die Drowned, But Vigilante Saves Him Just in Time [VIDEO]

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Heroic. Video from Facebook shows the spectacular rescue of a child who was going to die drowned inside a pool located in a condominium.

On Facebook , the moment a child enters a pool without anyone noticing and starts to drown, went viral , but the guard arrives and rescues him when he is about to die. The man was praised for his work on social networks.

The security cameras recorded the terrible moment when a child enters a pool inside a condominium in Sierra, Vitoria, Brazil, and drowned, but nade paid attention. However, and thank God, a subject passed, who was the doorman of the building and everything changed.

The guard immediately went to the child underwater and with one arm rescued the child, who held on tightly for his only help. The unusual thing was that although there were several people circulating around the place, nobody saw the child , except the guardwho arrived shortly after.

The vigilante named Alex Sandro dos Santos became a hero and received the palms of thousands of users for his great rescue, meanwhile, the clip caught the attention of the Military Bonmberos Corps, which shared it on their social networks.

The video posted on Facebook , made thousands of people reflect, to be more attentive to what children do, since they can put their lives at risk like this boy.