Boy is Fishing in the sea, Without Imagining the Strange Creature that Will Emerge From the Deep to Frighten Him [VIDEO]

A fisherman posted a viral video on Facebook the instant a mysterious being emerges from the sea to terrify him with his presence.

A quiet afternoon of fishing for a group of friends became the worst day of his life after a strange being emerged from the depths of the sea to terrify him with his abrupt appearance. The Facebook video went viral and has impacted more than one user in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

The boy decided to sail with his friends on a small boat, but he didn’t count on something creepy emerging from the water and leaving him speechless. One of his companions was the one who captured the whole moment, which he later published on Facebook and other Internet platforms.

In the first seconds of the video you can see how he holds his fishing rod quietly while he waits for a fish to bite the hook to catch it, but out of nowhere appears a human head that leaves him in shock and makes him retreat. At the same time all his friends laugh out loud when they see his fearful face.

A few moments later, in the viral video on Facebook, it can be seen that the young man realizes that the supposed ‘being’ that had appeared was actually one of his friends, who had submerged himself in the water with the intention of frightening him.

The funny video became viral and provoked all kinds of reactions among thousands of Internet users. Some of the most prominent comments were: “I was also scared when the boy came out of the water”, “For a moment I thought it was a shark, I was scared too”, among others.

Here’s the video that became a trend in social networks so you can see for yourself. In addition, we have compiled the best moments of the recording in our gallery, just drag the main image to the left to see the rest.

Here’s the video from a Twitter account: