Bone Chilling Encounter When They Are Face To Face With A Huge Shark Under The Sea [VIDEO]

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A viral YouTube video was recorded of the terrifying dive tourists took when they came face to face with a fierce white shark in the deep sea.

Thousands of users on YouTube were terrified after watching a viral video where they plunged into the sea to witness the life of a gigantic white shark as part of a cage dive, a type of tourism excursion that has been gaining more followers, since people like to live adrenaline filled adventure to the fullest. The incident became a trend, especially in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

For this reason, the encounters of scuba divers and predators occur a few meters away as part of cage diving tourism. The viral YouTube video recorded the moment when a gigantic white shark pounced on its prey.

Terrifying encounter

In the YouTube video the animal is seen opening its huge jaw as it approaches the bait. When they being remove from the water, the shark turns and bangs into the cage, where the divers record everything.

For several minutes, the hungry shark was hanging around the area looking for more food to devour. However, the brutal approach put the hairs on end of thousands of users on social networks.

Watch the YouTube viral video:

The viral video was shared on YouTube by the “Calypso star Charters” page, which accumulated more than 158 thousand views, 150 shares and 100 comments. “Incredible the voracious encounter between wild creatures”, “sensational”, “incredible fight to the death”, can be read on social networks .


Source: La Republica