Bold Man Goes Into Crocodile Cage To Feed Him, But Gets Terrifying Surprise [VIDEO]

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You will not believe it. A viral video from YouTube shows the terrifying moment that a crocodile lover lived, who entered the cage of one of the predators, but got too close.

On YouTube , the precise moment in which a daring trainer of Kenan Harkin Zoo, in the United States, entered the cage of a huge reptile, which he tried to feed, without imagining the behavior of the predator, went viral . 

Thousands of YouTube users were shocked to see a viral video starring an animal caretaker at the Alligator Adventure Zoo in the United States . A user recorded the exact moment in which this intrepid subject tried to feed the largest captive crocodile in North America.

As shown in the video that went viral on YouTube , the protagonist Kenan Harkin , was placed a few inches from the huge predator amid the eyes of dozens of tourists , who recorded this ‘terrifying’ moment.

Kenan is a lover of wild animals and through his channel on YouTube , often, he often shares his videos of the experience he has with dangerous creatures, from tigers, crocodiles , snakes and poisonous turtles.

In the viral video you can appreciate the precise moment in which the man fed the gigantic animal that is the most famous of the enclosure. The voracious predator followed the movements of his master and, without attacking him, devoured his food.

It should be noted that the publication has been broadcast on YouTube in 2015; However, through another page, the viral video that occurred inside the Alligator Adventure Zoo in the United States has been shared again .

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Source: La Republica