Body Found Of Fisherman Who Was Killed By Pirates in Pirit Venezuela

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The body of one of two fishermen who had been missing since the afternoon of last Monday, when they went out to carry out their work, was found floating and with signs of strangulation on the coasts of the Las Isletas sector of the Pitu municipality.

Coastal Surveillance Corps 907 located the body of Octavio Rafael Marcano Salazar, 34, at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday. While his uncle Carlos Augusto Marcano Salazar (45) still knows nothing.

The boat in which they sailed, distinguished with the name of “El Canalero”, was sighted in the bay of Jose, between the Orinoco and Rio Caroni tankers.

The body of the unfortunate sea worker was brought to the mainland through the Imbuca de Lechería marina, at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

Relatives reported that the man was hanged with a fishing nylon and presumed that he hit his head with the same boat when he was thrown into the water.

They said that the peñero no longer had the engine or the power plant from which it had been equipped.

They presume that the fishermen were attacked by members of a band known as “El Toro”, which less than a month ago assaulted Coast Guard troops, who were apparently stripped of their weapons. This fact occurred between San Juan de Capistrano and Pirit.

Body Found Of Fisherman Who Was Killed By Pirates in Pirit Venezuela

The body of the fisherman was claimed by relatives in the morgue of Barcelona / Photo: Rafael Salazar


Source: El Tiempo