Blind Dog Tries To Save A Dolphin Stranded On A Beach [PHOTOS]

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Via Facebook The story of a blind dog has moved thousands on social networks, after trying to save a dolphin stranded on a beach.

Facebook images reveal the emotional story of a blind dog, who tried to rescue a dolphin stranded on a beach in the United States. The brave action of the dog took several people watching the cetacean by surprise.

The animals can also have a big heart and give us a lesson of solidarity. At least, that showed us a puppy while walking with its owner on a beach in the United States.

In the images published on Facebook, you can see Ollie , a blind puppy who tried to save a dolphin stranded on the beach of Rockaway, in Queens (United States).

“He is a special dog and is very sensitive,” said owner Frankie Gonzalez . “I think it’s something innate in his behavior.”

Both the owner and the pet traveled the beach at 9 in the morning, when they ran into the dolphin , which was observed by several witnesses. “It had marks on its back, as if it had been hit with a boat or something,” said its owner.


Source: La Republica