“Black Monster” Appears in Lake Chernobyl and Adventurer is Shocked to See Him [VIDEO]

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I could not believe it. After several attempts, the protagonist caught a mysterious creature , “Black Monster” that appeared in Lake  Chernobyl .

Thousands were terrified to see the images that show the risky action that took an adventurer to enter the Chernobyl radioactive area  to catch the “Black Monster”, a huge fish that acquired a mysterious appearance by the forts pollutants from the area located in Ukraine .

In case you did not know, the Chernobyl accident was the nuclear accident considered one of the most serious in history for being the worst environmental disaster. An adventurous man decided to go to this dangerous territory to catch a mysterious creature .

The man travelled to the Ukraine to investigate the story of a terrifying aquatic monster, who acquired a mutant aspect by the strong reactors that received his body. How was your appearance?

“That is reactor number four, that’s where more than 30 years ago a 900-meter fire language threw radioactive effects into the air all around,” said the protagonist when he suddenly caught an “extremely large” animal that was dragging him until the radioactive waters in Chernobyl .

“I’m holding the ‘ black monster ‘ that I’ve been looking for so long. Maybe I’ve caught bigger ones, but never as extraordinary or significant as this one. Investigations prove then that far from being a mutant science fiction this is the Chernobyl that has a normal size for her age. 

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Recall that the members of ‘ River Monsters ‘ often make mysterious findings in rivers and lakes. 


Source: La Republica