Black Creature Appears On The Shore Of A Lake And Bathers Are Horrified [VIDEO]

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A swimmer recorded in a viral YouTube video the terrifying discovery of a black creature on the shore of a lake, while enjoying a refreshing swim.

Unexpected outcome. A man ended up with the creeps after bumping into a “creepy face” with a creepy creature that appeared on the shore of a lake to scare bathers who enjoyed a hot afternoon on an island located in the United States. The YouTube video went viral in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

The viral YouTube recording recorded the exact moment when the ‘ black creature ‘ dragged its body towards the shore of a lake to cross it; However, on the way it seemed not to matter that around them were a group of bathers, who suffocated the intense heat with a good dip.

The person in charge of the YouTube viral video remained silent and only admired the beauty of the venomous snake, which tried to cross the lake to reach the other end of the island.

After several minutes and after calculating the distance well, the tourist saw how the animal slowly moved away from the lake, while the tourists only managed to respect wildlife and immortalize the scene in a viral YouTube video .

The viral video on YouTube was shared by the “ViralHog” page, which accumulated more than 2,000 views, 500 shares and 300 comments. “Incredible! The snake waited for the right moment to cross the immense river ”,“ beautiful ”,“ I don’t know what I would have done in the place of those bathers, ”the users wrote on social networks .

Here we leave you the original video shared on YouTube:



Source: La Republica