Bizarre Species of Flatworm Reveals Mysterious Colors

On November 20, 2018 in Phuket, Thailand, diver catches video of rare flatworm. He said,  “This stunning candy color flatworm was mesmerizing to watch just swim around on the ocean floor.” And he was right! This wonderfully colored flatworm is definitely a eye catcher.

With its spotted back and blue trim, as well as its yellow base color, this thing really does look like a piece of candy! Something you can only witness if you go all the way down to the ocean floor. Thankfully we have divers like this who are willing to do that and film their adventures to share some awesome footage like this with us.

As it seems, this is in fact a rare color for a flatworm. Most flatworms are brown/black with white dots or sometimes a red hue to their body. But this one is totally different with its bright yellow hue with red and blue, reminding you of the candy corn you used to eat as a kid!

Source: ViralHog