Bizarre Sea Creature Attacks and Tries to Poison Diver to Protect His Spouse

In November of 2018 in Dauin, Philippines,  a man was taking a dive late at night when he came across a couple of devilfish on some black sand. As he got closer, the female dug herself into the sand in order to camouflage while the male got ready to protect her. Shortly after she hid, the male started to approach the diver. The diver slowly stepped back and the devilfish kept chasing him until the video clip fades out. The diver had this to say with the submission of the video.

“During a night dive, I found this couple of spiny devilfish walking on the sand, they stopped, after the female hide in the sand, the male started to attack me to protect his wife.”

Devilfish, also known by their scientific name Inimicus, are a poisonous species which possess very potent venom. If the diver in this video let the spiny devilfish get too close, it could have been fatal for him. Luckily they aren’t too big in size, therefore allowing the diver to flee fairly quick.

Source: ViralHog