Beijing Flexes Military Muscle On Navy Anniversary As China To Show New Warships

QINGDAO, China – China will introduce new warships, including submarines and nuclear destroyers, in a parade marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of its navy, a commander-in-chief said on Saturday when Beijing faltered with its force. Military increasingly better equipped. President Xi Jinping oversees an ambitious plan to rehabilitate the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) by developing everything from hidden aircraft to aircraft carriers, as China increases its presence in the South China Sea and around Taiwan under control. autonomous The Navy is a key beneficiary of the modernization plan to project electricity away from the country’s coasts and protect its commercial routes and its citizens abroad.

Last month, Beijing revealed the goal of a 7.5% increase in defense spending for this year, a slower rate than last year, but still exceeding China’s economic growth target. Navy commander Qiu Yanpeng told reporters in the city of Qingdao that the naval parade on Tuesday, probably supervised by Xi. Although China has not confirmed its presence, it will have 32 ships and 39 aircraft. . “The ship and plane of the Navy PLA will be revealed: the Liaoning aircraft carrier, new types of nuclear submarines, new types of destroyers and combat aircraft,” Qiu said without giving. details “Some boats will be revealed for the first time”.

Liaoning, the largest airline in the country, was purchased from Ukraine in 1998 and restored in China. It is not clear if the second Chinese aircraft carrier, a still unknown ship built only in China, will also participate, but in recent days, official media have published articles praising the recent tests at sea. A dozen foreign armies there. He also participated.

Although Qiu did not give an exact figure, China announced that the parade would include Russian, Singaporean, Indian, Thai and Vietnamese vessels, which often complain about Chinese military activities in the disputed South China Sea. The last naval battles in China opposed the Vietnamese. in the South China Sea in 1974 and 1988, although these skirmishes are relatively minor. Chinese navy vessels have also participated in international anti-piracy patrols off the coast of Somalia since late 2008.

A strong navy is essential to reaffirm the position that the forces pose no threat to anyone and does not matter what happens. it happens, they “will never pursue hegemony”. “It’s fair to say that the ALP navy did not take the war or turbulence anywhere,” Qiu said. But China has been frightened of its past and needs good marine defenses, he added: “A strong navy is essential to build a strong maritime country,” said Qiu. “From 1840 to 1949, China was invaded more than 470 times by foreign forces from the sea, causing untold suffering and deep wounds to the Chinese nation.”

Beijing Flexes Military Muscle On Navy Anniversary As China To Show New Warships

China has often had to postpone concerns about its military intentions, especially as military spending continues to reach new heights. Beijing said it had nothing to hide and invited foreign media to cover the naval parade and related activities, including a speech by Navy Chief Shen Jinlong, near Xi.Zhang Junshe.

A researcher at the Naval Research Academy of ALP told reporters after Qiu said inviting foreign navies to participate in the parade was a sign of China’s openness and self-confidence. noting that China had also done so on the 60th anniversary of 2009.

Beijing Flexes Military Muscle On Navy Anniversary As China To Show New Warships

“New nuclear submarines and new warships will be introduced, which shows that the Chinese navy is open and transparent,” Zhang said.


Source: Reuters