Beautiful Brazilian Model Dies At Sea After Becoming Shipwrecked With Husband

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On April 29 different media reported a terrible event, as the Brazilian model Caroline Bittencourt died at sea, after the private ship in which she was traveling with her husband was shipwrecked.

According to the first reports, this Monday the model remembered because in 2005 she was prevented from entering the wedding of Brazilian ex-football player Ronaldo. In this regard, the commander of the Fire Department, Lieutenant Paulo Sergio, told reporters that the body was found on the beach of Cigarras, in the city of Sao Sebastiao, north coast of the state of Sao Paulo:

“The boats were attending other emergencies when we were requested to go to that place and the body was quickly found. Now the important thing is to do the analysis to be able to verify the factors that caused the tragedy “.

The model’s father-in-law, Alfredo Sestino, was in charge of identifying the body, according to information from the G1 portal of the Globo network.

Also, the Harbor Authority of Ilhabela reported that the Fire Department and a group of fishermen were looking for the model after learning that the ship she was traveling in was overturned by strong winds in the afternoon of yesterday.

The husband of the model, businessman Jorge Sestini, managed to be rescued alive by the first team of lifeguards who came to help the ship. The first stories indicate that Bittencourt and her husband managed to hold on to one of the boat’s emergency boats, but due to the winds, the model could not keep up with it.

Beautiful Brazilian Model Dies At Sea After Becoming Shipwrecked With Husband1

Caroline Bittencourt, 37, and Sestini were married last February in a ceremony held on a beach in the state of Alagoas (northeast) because, according to the model said in interviews and their social networks, both were passionate about the sea.

Undoubtedly, a tragic event that means a blow to the modeling world and to a beautiful family.


Source: La Neta Noticias