Beach Vendor Performs Sexy Dance On Beach In Mexico to Attract Customers  [VIDEO]


A street vendor is causing a sensation, after she was caught doing a sexy dance on a beach in Mexico, which caught the attention of all sunbathers, because the woman did not drop her tray of products.

As you can see in the video, the woman decides to dance for some reason, but as the source of her products annoyed her, she decided to put it on her head, instead of leaving it in the sand.

The sexy dance of this travelling saleswoman soon attracted the attention of the sunbathers, who began to take out their cell phones and record the presentation that this woman did on the beach.

“That lady loves her job”, “everyone should work with the same joy as this woman”, “if I see her one day I will buy what she is selling without hesitation”, were some of the comments viewers of the video made .

It is not known how it ends, which lasts a few seconds; however, it is more likely that the dance of the street vendor has captivated the sunbathers, who did not hesitate to award her by purchasing her products.


Source: La Republica