Bathers Realize They Are Being Chased By Sharks And Do The Unthinkable To Escape [VIDEO]

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Through Facebook, the moment when two young people flee in terror when they see a huge predator swimming near them has gone viral.

A video posted on Facebook has gone viral and has caused thousands of Internet users to be completely terrified, as it shows the exact moment when two young bathers are swimming on a beach when they notice the presence of a huge shark . The spooky clip soon became a trend in various social networks .

A young man, who was a few meters from the scene, was recording his friends with his cell phone camera when he suddenly noticed the presence of the predator , which was stalking two boys who were swimming very quietly near the shore.

In the video that went viral on Facebook you can see how the two bathers walk carelessly through the water, when suddenly they receive shouts of warning from the people who are in the sand. Upon hearing this, they both realize the danger to which they are exposed, so they begin to move away as quickly as possible from the place.

Just a few moments later you can see the terrified young people moving away very quickly from the area. Meanwhile the fierce sea ​​creatures , instead of chasing them to become their prey, they simply decided to swim away in the opposite direction.

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Source: La Republica