BALTOPS 19: Simulation Of 11,500 Soldiers And 50 Ships In Defense Of The Baltic Countries

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The commander of the frigate “Admiral Juan de Borbón” assures COPE that it is “showing a firm commitment to security in the area”

Rebel forces try to take control of an island in the Baltic. Troops from allied countries of the Baltic republics come to their defense and help them restore stability to the area. It is the script of the BALTOPS 19 exercise in which 18 countries – the majority of NATO – with 11,500 soldiers, more than 50 ships and submarines, and 40 aircraft participated. Spain has been present with more than 1,100 soldiers, the strategic projection ship “Juan Carlos I”, and the frigates “Almirante Juan de Borbón” and “Cristóbal Colón”. In the course of BALTOPS 19, anti-air defense operations, amphibious landing operations, surface warfare and anti-submarine warfare have been carried out.

“The objective is to obtain advanced training in all areas of naval operations, promoting the interoperability of units from different countries,” explains Frigate Captain Gonzalo Leira Neira, commander of “Admiral Juan de Borbón.” He adds that it is about transmitting a “message of commitment to security in the area and to the defense of the Baltic countries in the face of any type of incident”. Russia used to attend these maneuvers as a guest, but its presence was no longer welcomed after the Crimean Peninsula was annexed in 2014.

The captain of frigate Leira Neira affirms that the Baltic is “a very favorable zone, because being a sea of ​​reduced dimensions it congregates to a multitude of different types from activities of different naval operations areas in a very small zone”. He says that in all these exercises “a scenario of crisis is being planned that evolves, and at a given moment the ‘friendly’ forces react to restore a situation that has deteriorated.” The “Admiral Juan de Borbón” is integrated into a permanent naval force of NATO, and has intervened in the BALTOPS 19 within this group “in fundamentally escort tasks, that is, anti-air defense, contributing to anti-aircraft protection. aerial of all the amphibious force, to do works to guarantee the freedom of navigation and the freedom of maneuver of the own force “, indicates.

Simulation Of 11,500 Soldiers And 50 Ships In Defense Of The Baltic Countries

This has been the 47th edition of this exercise, which has been carried out since 1972. Sweden and Finland are the only two countries that have participated and do not belong to the Atlantic Alliance.


Source: Cope