Baby Turtle Was About to Die in Fight with Crab, But Then He Does This VIDEO

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Many were surprised with the spectacular fight between a crab and a baby turtle, who tried to get out of their hard pincers. 

Crabs are very afraid of sea turtles when they are large, as they outgrow them in size. However, when they are small, the crustaceans take advantage of it and hunt them on the beach.

Usually the crabs head to the sand to wait for the turtles to hatch and head towards the sea. His ingenious technique is to dig a small well, where turtles fall and crabs can use their body and tongs to overturn and devour them.

On this occasion, the baby turtle was caught by the crustacean on rocks. He held the reptile with his tongs, who tried by all means to flee from his predator . He moved from one side to the other, unable to detach his leg.

When the tortoise baby seemed already beaten and would not return to the water again, he made his last effort and bit the crab, which released him. Immediately, the reptile fell into the water saving his life by miracle.

Many were amazed with the courage of the turtle, who despite his inexperience and size managed to save his life.


Source: La Republica