Baby Turtle Is Born With an Exposed Heart and Falls in Love With Thousands for its Beats [VIDEO]

An albino baby turtle has amazed thousands of people by its heart protruding from its small chest by beating.

A tiny turtle with its exposed heart has perplexed thousands of people in the world, who have witnessed how its organ protrudes from its chest every time it beats. The videos of this beautiful creature have caused several people to donate to help her.

A tender and small albino turtle has ‘charmed’ thousands of people since she lives with her heart exposed since she was born, without having any skin that protects her. Many think that he can die at any time, however he lives quietly in an aquarium.

The user aquamike23 , who publishes the story of this reptile in his account, decided to show the world how this little turtle continues his life through photos and several videos that have been viralized in other social networks.

Baby Turtle Is Born With an Exposed Heart

The rare creature is supported by several people to get on with his life. In a post , a user said that she gave financial aid to the baby turtle. And it’s not the only one, several other users have fallen in love with the lizard.

Not being protected properly, any fall or blow can cause significant damage, that’s why thousands of Instagram users have been moved and follow its history, and know if the reptile is still good. Currently, his caregiver assured that he is in perfect condition.

  1. It’s a turtle, not a lizard.

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