Baby Trapped In Fishing Net Gets Released And Its Mother Shows Her Appreciation With An Amazing Show [VIDEO]

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Fishermen never imagined receiving a special thanks from the dolphin mom after releasing her baby that had been trapped in her fishing net. The moment was recorded on video and has gone viral on Facebook.

Through a shocking video of Facebook, a group of fishermen shared the fascinating experience he had after rescuing a small dolphin that had been caught in his fishing net. And is that the protagonists of the clip never imagined that they would receive a unique show of gratitude from the dolphin’s mother for releasing her baby.

The curious moment was recorded in a recording by one of the fishermen, who witnessed the peculiar scene and did not hesitate to make it viral on Facebook and other networks.

Mario Polizzi is the Italian user who shared the incredible recording on his Facebook account, and that has caught the attention of several users, as it shows the great moment that a group of fishermen lived after receiving an incredible response from a dolphin mom to release her baby from their fishing net.

In the images, which already have more than 56,000 reproductions on Facebook , you can see the moment when the fishermen try to release the small dolphin that had been trapped from their net and, once they do, they begin to see a great spectacle of Part of this and his mother.

“Wow”, “bellooo”, you hear some of the fishermen excited to see the great jumps and somersaults of the animals in the water.

The spectacular recording soon went viral on Facebook and other networks, where users rated the great dolphin show as a way of thanks to fishermen, and stressed that this marine species is one of the most intelligent in the animal kingdom.

Watch the viral video of Facebook:



Source: La Republica