Baby Sea Lion Tries to Get on a Boat to Ask for Help Urgently Because He Had Been Injured [VIDEO]

Emotional YouTube viral video shows a tender baby sea lion trying to get help from men who encouraged him to get on the boat where they were.

Thanks to YouTube thousands witnessed what happened to a well-known filmmaker, who was boating with his friends near the coast. The subjects saw a baby sea lion trying to get on his yacht to ask for help because he was injured. The clip became a trend on social networks, causing great sensation among users in the United States, Mexico and Spain.

The filmmaker Hugo Zusho, walked with his friends in his boat off the coast of California, United States, without imagining that a tender intruder would make his trip, an unforgettable memory.

As can be seen in the shared images on YouTube, the baby sea lion, at all costs, tried to climb the stairs of the boat while the men encouraged him to continue to do so.

After a few seconds, the small animal manages to climb up and stares at all sides as if asking for help. Apparently, what the creature wanted was to ask for help because he had been injured by something unknown and also to ask for some food.

The men took the animal directly to the Pacific Mammal Center in Laguna Beach, so they could get the help they needed.

Thousands of videos abound on YouTube about these animals, whose main predator are humpback whales, which act in herds to round up sea lions, play with them by lifting them up into the air and then devouring them.

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