Baby Moose Tries To Cross A River, He Gets Stuck And in a Deadly Situation When His Mother Teaches Him A Shocking Lesson [VIDEO]

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A tourist recorded a viral YouTube video of a mother elk encouraging her young so that she does not give up in her attempt to successfully cross a dangerous river.

A Mother’s Love. An afternoon excursion for a man in the mountains became an unforgettable experience, as he managed to catch the moment in a viral YouTube video the tragic moment a baby calf ended up with his leg stuck on the shore of a dangerous river, but his mother, instead of helping him get ashore she gave him a great life lesson.

The young man who was walking along a path in the Rocky Mountain National Park, in the United States never imagined that he would run into a moving scene between a mother moose and her young, while crossing a dangerous river. The clip went viral in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

Moment of tension

YouTube’s viral recording showed the mommy moose successfully crossing the gigantic river, but her baby was caught in the stream. With the maternal instinct to the surface , the animal did not hesitate to help her baby, but far from helping her to climb to the mainland, she seemed to encourage him not to give up.

After several minutes of fighting and when the forces seemed to defeat the little animal, the elk mother kept stroking her face as if encouraging her to escape the trap she had fallen into. Thousands of users on YouTube could not understand the behaviour of the parent.

After several attempts, the baby elk released his leg from the deadly trap and climbed to the mainland with his mother, who with his behaviour gave him a great lesson to learn to defend himself from the dangers they face daily in the rocky mountains.

The viral video on YouTube was shared by the “ViralHog” page, which accumulated more than 8 thousand views, 500 shares and 230 comments. “It is the law of the strongest,” “the elk mother is teaching her child the risks she will cross in her youth,” users wrote on social networks.

Here we leave you with the original video shared on YouTube:



Source: La Republica