Australian Boy Finds A Letter In a Bottle Written 50 Years Ago

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The author wrote the message in 1969, when he was barely four years older than his current catcher, who found him during a fishing trip on a remote beach in southern Australia.

Jyah Elliott, a nine-year-old schoolboy living in southern Australia, was strolling along the beach when chance and waves made him the recipient of a letter written in 1969 by a man named Paul Gilmore, who reported that he was emigrating from England in Melbourne, according to Australian Broadcasting Corp .

Elliott was enjoying a fishing trip with his father in Talia Beach, a place on the Eyre peninsula in southern Australia, when he found a bottle with a message inside the dunes at the maritime edge.

“We are 1,000 miles east of Fremantle, Western Australia,” says the letter, dated November 17, 1969. Gilmore, then a 13-year-old boy, included an address in Mitcham, Victoria, where he was traveling at that time .

It is believed that the bottle was launched from the TSS Fairstar, one of the boats that transported the so-called ‘Ten Pound Poms’, as they called in Australia and New Zealand the most impoverished British citizens who went there after the Second World War .

Now the Elliott family is looking for the author of the message, which for the date – and other mishaps – should be 63 years old.

Australian Boy Finds A Letter In a Bottle Written 50 Years Ago

Message thrown overboard 50 years ago washes up, sparking search for author Paul Gilmore.


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