At the request of the family of Emiliano Sala, divers begin work to remove the body of the plane.

After the remains of the aircraft where Emiliano Sala was traveling and confirmed the presence of an as yet unidentified body, a group of divers supported by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) and the ship Geo Ocean III began work to recover to this person, in order to decipher who it is and all ‘authorized’ by the football player’s family, since from the beginning they asked that everything be done to clarify the painful accident and want to get to the end to be calm.

Let’s put ourselves in context. Several days ago we worked on an accelerated march in the English Channel looking for signs that reveal what happened with the plane of Emiliano Sala . A seat was found in the first place but later it was the same aircraft, where a body was identified and the soccer player’s family asked to be removed, all supported by the collective fund they gathered to restart the search.

The maritime conditions complicate the whole operation , since besides that it will be more expensive and delayed than what has already been done, now they will battle against the same tide, which is unpredictable to a certain point and there is no certainty of being able to obtain the expected results in a lapse of time. short.

The objective is to remove the body through divers who are already in the Channel on a water transport and if the operation goes as planned, move the aircraft to the port of the United Kingdom, where They would investigate the causes of the collapse and close the case of what happened that night.

“We are trying to recover the body. If we are successful, we will consider the possibility of recovering the remains of the aircraft. The strong conditions of the tides mean that we can only use the vehicle operated by remote control (ROV) for limited periods each day and this will mean that progress is slow . Regardless of the results, we will not make further statements until all families have been informed, “said a spokesman for the AAIB in a statement.

At the request of the family of Emiliano Sala, divers begin work to remove the body of the plane

Emiliano Sala was traveling in the plane with Dave Ibbotson, pilot of the aircraft, so that one of the two bodies is recently found and is still in doubt about what happened to the other, since the investigations have not given any indication you are welcome.

There are a couple of images of the remains of the plane where Emiliano Sala was traveling , it is known of the body’s presence but even with the support of technology it has not been possible to see the body as such to know who it is, so that the following hours and the days from today are vital to close this fact.