As Aunt Is On Her Cell Phone 10 Year Old Girl Saves Her Little Sister From Drowning (Incredible VIDEO)

She acted quickly when she saw her sister submerged and lifted her to the edge of the pool in a gesture that has saved her life.

Jaylla Dallis, despite being only 10 years old, has become a celebrity in the United States thanks to an action that has allowed her to save the life of her sister, only 3 years old. It happened on May 15 in Chamblee, a city of just 30,000 inhabitants on the outskirts of Atlanta, in the state of Georgia, but it has been now that the video has been made known.

Jaylla was enjoying the pool with her sister Kali, although each one by her side. When Jaylla was on her back, her little sister jumped into the pool with a floating device, she jumped in with it around her waist, she fell forward and the float would not let her turn around.

The little girl struggled to be able to float, but she could not succeed, and she completely detached herself from the float, submerging herself in the water. As luck would have it, Jaylla left the pool at the moment and, turning around, saw her sister in the water. She did not think twice and went for it, taking her out of the water immediately and placing her on the edge of the pool.

Rapid Performance

One of the security officers of the hotel quickly went to the pool alarmed by the screams and began to practice resuscitation maneuvers to the small girl, but without immediate results. Meanwhile, witnesses called emergency services, which in a few minutes was at the scene.

A policeman was the first to arrive and took charge of the CPR on Kali, but her situation did not improve: she had been submerged for a few moments that seemed excessive. When the ambulance arrived, they urgently transported the minor to the children’s hospital in Atlanta, where she was admitted in critical condition.

As Aunt Is On Her Cell Phone 10 Year Old Girl Saves Her Little Sister From Drowning


However, the girl managed to survive and two weeks after the event was discharged from the hospital to return home. There Jaylla was waiting for her, her saviour and the person responsible for Kali to continue enjoying life. Her mother sums up what happened to the American television WSAV3: “It’s incredible, it’s been a miracle”.


Source: El Confidencial