Arrested in the United Kingdom the Russian ship Kuzma Minin

LONDON (Sputnik) – The United States Maritime and Coast Guard Agency (MCA) told Sputnik that it had stopped the Russian ship Kuzma Minin, which ran aground in December off the British coast.

“The ship Kuzma Minin remains imprisoned by the MCA waiting for its repair, until its owners fix the failures,” said the interlocutor.

He noted that the representatives of the British maritime agency visited the ship several times after it ran aground in December, and the last visit was made on January 16 to verify that the crew was well.

“The boat has power on and is afloat, all crew members are well and out of danger, local non-profit organizations with the support of the harbor master (Falmouth) have no problems with the supply of food on board, “he added.

According to the MCA, the captured boat has several problems that prevent it from leaving the United Kingdom: the gyrocompass out of service, the expired contracts with the sailors, the lack of food on board, the expired navigation certificate and the failures of safety equipment .

A representative of the Russian embassy in the United Kingdom told Sputnik that the diplomatic mission maintains contact with the British authorities who “act constructively in the situation”.

He said that the British authorities notified the Russian embassy on January 3 that the freighter had been arrested in accordance with a decision of the court “as a measure to ensure compliance with the debt obligations of the owner of the ship before one of its partners.”

Arrested in the United Kingdom the Russian ship Kuzma MininPost sponsored by  livefreefun cam review site

The corresponding order was delivered to the captain, said the interlocutor, underlining that the debt is not related to the incident that occurred near British coasts in December 2018.

The freighter will not be able to leave the territory of the United Kingdom until its owner pays the debt, he explained.

The ship Kuzma Minin, of the Russian shipping company Murmansk Shipping, ran aground in front of the port of Falmouth on December 18.

After a few hours, the ship, with 18 Russian sailors on board, was dislodged.